A special place in every sense.

Anticipate yourself and book your residential unit.

Security, peace and 35 options of
leisure and services

It is absolutely a unique opportunity at the
best prime community
of residential
units in the coast of Bahia.

The Venture

Guaiú Eco-Village is an exclusive prime community, with access to 2 km long of virtually untouched beaches. It is simply perfect for you to build the home of your dreams in the best region of the Country for the sea fishing.

Consisting of residential units between 1,000m2 and 3,000m2 of private area, the project has a 24-hour security gatehouse, besides providing the right to use 35 recreation options in the whole Village Center, including an exclusive gourmet boutique, in addition to the beach support and a floating dock for those who like water sports.

Located in Santo André, Bahia, Guaiú Eco-Village is just minutes away from the international airport of Porto Seguro, Bahia, placed in a quiet area, with extensive fauna and flora, besides having mild climate throughout the year.

Exclusive residential units,
at the most complete prime community in the south coast of Bahia.

One of them can be yours.

km - guaiu eco village - piscina a- min

  • Total area of the units: between 1,000m2 and 3,000m2.
  • Large green areas.
  • Sewage system with biological treatment (Mizuno).
  • Access to untouched beaches,with 2 km waterfront.
  • Access to the Village Center, with the right to use 35 options of recreation and convenience.
    • Equestrian center.
    • Floating deck.
    • Pools with lanes.
    • Gourmet area.
    • Fitness center.
    • Playground.
    • Tennis courts.
    • Squash courts.
    • SPA with integrated sauna.
    • Coffee Shop.
    • Gourmet restaurant.
    • Beach Club.
    • Biking, jogging and horseback riding trails.

Complete infrastructure, amidst an exuberant nature.

Entrepreneur group.
The security you need to make a great investment.

Guaiú Eco-Village is a project developed by entrepreneurs with extensive experience in major housing projects, who possess a deep expertise in high luxury prime communities. The conceptual design was developed by the award-winning DTJ Design, which is a North American company located in Colorado, with 45 years in the market, besides having accomplished projects around the world, including places like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mexico and China.

For all that, Guaiú Eco-Village is an investment not only safe, but, above all, different. Simply perfect for you to close a great deal.

Refinement in harmony with nature.
Usage of recyclable material and zero
of native vegetation.

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The most spectacular prime community of Bahia’s south coast

Village Center

Coffee shop and gourmet restaurant

Floating Dock

Equestrian center


Pictures of the Place

Amiga Tartaruga Project (Turtle Friend Project)/APA (Environmental Protection Area)


Santo André covers the APA Santo Antônio, which has 23,000 hectares and was established for the protection of coastal ecosystems. The ONGs (nongovernmental organizations) specialized in turtle protection operate in the region by conserving, protecting and managing marine ecosystems through the awareness and the participation of local communities, counting with more than 180 cooperators along 200 km of coastline.

Artistic perspective of the project.

It is an exclusive recreation complex, with an impeccable infrastructure of services, including the right to use 35 options.

The Best in Gaiú


Alguns acreditam que bem-estar é felicidade. Outros, que é saúde. E, tantos mais, que é conforto. No entanto, em um ponto todos


Música, pintura,poesia e artesanato. Expressão que vem do sentimento, a arte feita pelo homem o engrandece,tornando-se ela mesma maior que ele. Eterna.


Tradição que passa de geração em geração. Que une passado e presente em um só tempo. Que transmite com autenticidade, a história


O encontro perfeito entre sabores, temperos e paladares. A mistura ideal entre relaxar e degustar o melhor da culinária, com originalidade e

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Fishing of blue marlin


Sport fishing lovers will find in Santo André one of the best places in the world to fish blue marlin and other large species.

The Royal Charlott Bank is a submerged continental platform which causes a flow of ocean currents. This movement attracts large shoal of bait and large fishes.


Come to live this dream.
A venture at the proper level of the natural beauty and expectations for the region.

Guaiú Eco-Village is located in the Santo André area, south of Bahia, in a region totally facing the sea. The scene is of calm waters, with beaches and woods spreading out of our sight. An elegant destination, surrounded by a lush and diverse Atlantic rainforest Simply a paradise made for you to explore.



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